Finding Truth

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My Story

I live in Melbourne, Australia. 'Finding Truth' is my fourth book publication. I'm an author, writer, poet and editor.
I also run workshops.

About the Author


I live, work and play in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I have completed my Masters of Metaphysical Sciences, as well as the Degree in Metaphysics.

I have also completed certificates in many alternative therapies including Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Spiritual Support, as well as completing the Chakradance Teacher Training in 2016.

Also working in the Events industry for over 10 years all over Australia.

Author of 'Life, Love & Everything', 'Symptomatic Addict' and 'The Real Events Industry: My Story'.

Philippa Richardson


A timeline will be required here as life has been one heck of a ride!

2004 – completed year 12 High School in western Sydney NSW.

2005 – Completed studies in Animal Care and Management

2006 – Volunteered at my very first event, Big Day Out Sydney

2007 – Living in Tasmania tried to study Science at Uni

2008 – Tried to study Tourism at Uni (a diagnosis made of Schizophrenia)

2009 – Recovery year (coping with my diagnosis) starting writing first book

2010 – Decided to go to Tafe and study Fitness, completed

2011 - Completed studies at Tafe in hospitality and Events

2012 – Moved to Victoria to continue studies in Events, published first book

2013 – Worked at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, began performing poetry

2014 – Started my own business called ‘Etheriala’ an event business, published second book

2015 – Working in Events and completed degree in Metaphysics

2016 – Ran my own workshop on crystals, studied alternative therapies online, got qualified as a Chakradance Facilitator and had my first child, published third book

2017 – Ran workshops on Tarot, Metaphysics and Chakradance and completed Masters in Metaphysics, also began Yoga Teacher Training.

2018 – Worked in Events, got married and been planning events, short film premier.

2019 - Working on my Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences, Yoga Teacher Training and published book 4! Finding Truth!




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My name is Philippa Richardson. I am a Master of Metaphysics. I am a Published Author and Event Manager. I run workshops on alternative therapies including Chakradance with Pippa. I am a public speaker and have performed at Fed Square in Melbourne, a book store cafe in Sydney, bars in Adelaide and Hobart and a café in Perth. My short film premiered in ACMI for a Mental Health Awareness event. My online writings include poetry, recipes, reviews, psychic and metaphysical articles. I have developed several websites online for my small business ‘Etheriala’. My major work for my master’s was on the Chakras and Mental Health.

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